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A Baby's Helping Hand was founded in 2015 by Chlorey Holmes. Chlorey never forgot that when her daughter, Chloe Aimeree, was born in October 2012, she and her husband, Trenton, being a young couple with limited resources, had very few neccessities for their beautiful baby girl before leaving the hospital. Baby Chloe had arrived a little earlier than expected but was still considered a full-term, healthy baby. Overcome with joy at the birth of their first child, Chlorey & Trenton were still dismayed that they didnt have all of the things that they needed for their precious bundle of joy. Thus, the seed for helping others in this situation was planted in Chlorey's heart and mind. In 2015, her conviction was confirmed when she met a young mother who had just given birth to a baby girl and was in a similar situation as she had been several years before. She was then led by the Lord to start A Baby's Helping Hand. 

A Baby's Helping Hand provides a bag full of necessities through our Gifts & Giggles program with baby outfits, blankets, diapers and wipes, etc. to mothers in need as they leave the hospital with their newborn. A Baby's Helping Hand will deliver gift bags to families through it's partnerships with local hospitals and other social services organizations.

A Baby's Helping Hand offers opportunities to get involved: Volunteers are welcome to sort through and organize donated items to build gift bags for babies in our Gifts & Giggles program.

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Chlorey C. Holmes

Founder/ CEO


Angelia Craft 


Community Volunteer

Ashley Campbell

Stone Mountain Nissan 

Community Volunteer

Michelle Houston

The Home Depot

Community Volunteer

Starlis Blaise

Nalley Kia

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Meet The Founder

Chlorey C. Holmes

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A Baby' Helping Hand is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to helping mothers in financial need in the Atlanta area